The Problem Statement

Internet accessibility

Only 1.1bil people with high-speed Internet, mostly in urban areas

2.1bil people without high-speed Internet but have decent 3G/4G mobile coverage

4.0bil people still have no Internet access at all

Commercial limitation for both industry vertical and horizontal

Digital B2C Startup burning cash to acquire and retain users

Online content consumptions, e-commerce and services require high-speed Internet access

Micro-payment is not economically viable with the current online transaction fee Umrah and haj fraud that cost multimillion dollar

Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries have limited access and option to purchase modest fashion and umrah and haj packages online

Other issues

Unclear IPO plan and investors exit for unicorn Startup around the world

Content piracy cost USD50bil to content owner

Content censorship does not fit all countries especially with religious, cultural, and political sensitivity.

The Solution

Improving Internet Accessibility as the Bottom-line

A super platform reaching the underserved via 3G/4G network

Our innovation:
Bwtech technology offers 3-5 times more efficient video compression against the current H264 industry current standard.

Datasave technology offers “high-speed- broadband” experience over 3G/4G network.

Digital Media as Underlying Pillar for Digital Household Experience

A high-values curated media content seamlessly accessible in one interface

Our innovation:

KLIX content curation selects the high-moral values film and tv shows from various content provider (Netflix, Hooq, Youtube) and aggregate in single interface.

Digital Economy for the Underserved Household

Access to merchant platform for both macro and micro economy

Our innovation:

KLIXIO leverage blockchain technology providing gold-backed digital currency and in the process of becoming world first global Islamic digital bank.

Modestravel’s escrow payment system curbs fraud and simplify pilgrimage booking process for Muslim in non-Muslim majority nations.

Modestrove provides Trivago-like modest fashion, beauty and lifestyle products metasearch and fare-aggregation.

The Business Plan

Key Unique Selling Proposition

A new way of bringing innovative tech products and services to a captive market via a super platform for household

Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage Proprietary technology unlocked 2.1 billion underserved population which previously untapped and possibly converting another 4.0 billion disconnected population

High-Growth Exit

Startup with captive revenue and positive cashflow have greater IPO or spin-off success for Investors exit (benchmark: Zoom)